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  • Last Night we showed the Holy Ghost movie. It was so good. Over 200 people in the building on 3 giant screens! Make sure to get a copy of it. They are on sale on Amazon!

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  • My wife and I’s favorite vacation spot is Disneyland! We have only missed one here the last 4 years! So this picture is totally us!!!

  • RIP Richard Kiel. Glad I got to meet you!

  • marvelentertainment:

    You work hard. This Labor Day, take a dance break! #YoureWelcome

    Great movie! Lots of humor! Like this wonderful moment!

  • A Summer Wedding from Issac Farrar on Vimeo.

    Here is a little taste of a summer wedding I did. I mic’d the speaker with Rode Smart Lav. So the service had crisp, clean audio. The Time-lapse was done with GoPro Hero 3 and Wedding was shot with a Canon 60D.

    For wedding pricing email -

    Thanks to Dreambound Productions for some of the equipment.

  • Orson Welles (via @thequote)
  • "Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others."
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • "I don’t care about the subject matter; I don’t care about the acting; but I do care about the pieces of film and the photography and the soundtrack and all of the technical ingredients that made the audience scream. I feel it’s tremendously satisfying for us to be able to use the cinematic art to achieve something of a mass emotion."
  • entertainmentweekly:

    Someone re-created the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer with Legos. 

    Watch it here, because yaas.

    I love it when they make Lego parody trailers!

  • Clever, Entertaining, and witty! If you are a fan of Shakespeare on screen, you will love this modern take. If you are not a fan and like my wife @lydeebee, have trouble following along, this is a great Shakespeare to watch! The humor is so great and even at times making fun of itself. It’s also very well done it the way it was shot making very long dialogue heavy scenes very entertaining. Joss’ (the director and writer of this movie & Avengers) interpretation of the text leaves you entertained and always guessing. Also as an aspiring filmmaker, this movie inspires me. 12 days of filming this feature length film. All shot at Joss Whedon’s house. The majority of the cast, where close friends he had worked with before. I recommend watching this and if you are also an aspiring filmmaker watch the BTS!